Privacy Statement   (return to Policies)

This policy has been developed to assist the understanding of how we collect, use and safeguard the personal information that is provided to us. The Conference organisers recognise your right as an attendee to have personal information kept private if that is your wish, and to protect any sensitive personal information that may be disclosed in allowing us to better serve your needs during the Conference. You have the right to verify that the information held is accurate and may lodge a complaint if you think information is inaccurate or being incorrectly handled. 

The primary purposes for collection of personal data by the Conference organisers are that attendees may be registered for Conference activities and that they might be provided with information, assistance, support and/or guidance on Conference matters. Where personal information is disseminated to Conference sub-committees in the form of contact lists, privacy guidelines will be provided including how to safely dispose of such lists. Each sub-committee will only be receiving such personal information that would allow them to fulfill their duty of care eg. Children’s Committee will be advised of medical and behavioural issues of children when disclosed by parents.

The Conference Secretary will assume the role of Privacy Officer on behalf of the Conference organisers. If you believe your personal information has been inappropriately handled, you should lodge your concerns in writing to the Conference Secretary clearly identifying the circumstances surrounding the alleged inappropriate handling and any remedy sought. The Secretary will address complaints quickly and effectively and endeavour to satisfy grievances of the complainant through reasoned mediation and conciliation. 

All paper-based documents containing personal information will be kept in a secure location with access restricted to authorised committee members. Online storage of personal information will be password protected and restricted to authorised committee members only.