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Please note:

  • Please note: If you are making a group booking please do not use the Credit Card option as it will not work. Individuals are asked to please use the Credit Card option.

  • All ages should be calculated as at July 7th 2018

  • For the purposes of payments, an "adult" is defined as one 18yrs of age and older. A "dependent child" is defined as one aged 4-17yrs including children aged 16-17yrs who may be working. Children aged 0-3 yrs (at Conference) do not need to pay an attendance fee.

  • Conference fees: Adults - $80   Children - $45  (under 4yrs no charge)

  • Any child (aged 4-17yr) who wishes to attend the Conference without his/her parents must nominate a Guardian. The Guardian should include the child in their family/group registration and take responsibility for the child during Conference.

  • Creche facilities will be available for children aged 0-3yrs, Kid's Conference activities will cater for children aged 4-14, and Youth Group activities will cater for young people aged 15-30.

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