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You will receive an invoice after registration which we ask you pay by direct bank transfer as soon as possible.

 If you come across any problems when filling in this form or have questions please contact the Conference Secretary, Peter Collins at

  • If your group members are not related or live separately please have them complete the Individual Registration From. Group registration assumes all members of the group have a primary contact address and will be staying at the same accommodation in Brisbane. Please use the Individual Registration form if this does not apply to all your group members.

  • For the purposes of payments, an "adult" is defined as one 18yrs of age and older in July 2018. A "dependent child" is defined as one aged 4-17yrs including children aged 16-17yrs who may be working. Children aged 0-3 yrs (at Conference) do not need to pay an attendance fee.

  • Attendance Fee: Adult $80; Dependent Child $45; Children under 4yr no charge   
    Please note: these are the FULL charges, not deposits. There is no more to pay save for optional outings.
  • Any child who wishes to attend the Conference without his/her parents must nominate a Guardian. The Guardian should include the child in their group registration and take responsibility for the child during Conference.

  • Creche facilities will be available for children aged 0-3yrs, Kid's Conference activities will cater for children aged 4-14, and Youth Group activities will cater for young people aged 15-30.

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