Individual Registration

We're asking...

  • all local members to volunteer for the many duties needing to be performed during Conference. Once you have registered we will contact you to discuss suitable dates and times.
  • Please consider volunteering for more than one duty. There are many jobs to go around!

We need...

  • willing workers!
  • drivers to pick up visitors at the airport
  • parking attendants (maybe up to an hour before morning and evening sessions)
  • mini bus drivers - collect guests from car parks and Quest Apartments
  • emblem bearers (24 required for each of the two MMs)
  • hall doorkeepers & ushers
  • hall movers & shakers! Help us rearrange the chairs as required for various sessions
  • Bible Exhibition guides
  • catering helpers (help with MTs , suppers, etc)
  • baristas (make good coffee?)