"Changed by Christ"

We have many preconceived ideas about Jesus Christ but there is only one truth that Scripture reveals. We must accept Christ as he really is, not as we would like him to be. This was a lesson the disciples had to learn and so do we.

For us to be changed by Christ we must know him deeply and intimately and understand our status before him; we must engage in self-analysis comparing what we think and do with Scripture. This is the way change can take place. When we grasp our status and the changes that must take place in our lives we can better appreciate what God in Christ has done for us and praise our Heavenly Father for His gift of salvation..

We will consider examples of people who experienced these changes, such as the disciples and a range of others including Peter, Paul and Jude. So we will come to better appreciate the true beauty of Christ in our lives.

Study 1 "Changed by Christ: in the Psalms"

Study 2 "Changed by Christ: in the Prophets"

Study 3 "Changed by Christ: in our Prejudices"

Study 4 "Changed by Christ: in the Last Days"

Study 5 "Changed by Christ: Seeking the Lost"