"The New Creation in Christ"

This series of talks will focus on the Creation pattern and the many different ways it appears in scripture. (We won’t be broaching any view on the Creation/Evolution controversy, however.)

We’ll see that the Creation sequence has a spiritual interpretation to each of its seven stages and this sequence constitutes the signature of God; the manner in which He works.

We’ll see the creation sequence in action in the Exodus, as God forms His people and also in the formation of the Temple. Critically, we’ll see the Creation sequence in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ and in his actions as he too, like his Father, forms a people and builds a temple. This is to discover the very mechanics of the New Creation, the spiritual creation in which we live in Jesus, with Jesus in the role of Creator, as his Father was for the natural creation.

In passing, this will help find natural, unforced explanations for the verses which describe the creation as being performed “through Jesus” – it’s the spiritual creation which is being referenced. Looking forwards, we can also see the creation sequence taking shape in the early parts of Revelation.

Of principal value to ourselves, the spiritual creation sequence is perceived in its discrete stages in the actual development of the disciple of Christ, from illumination, to raising above with waters, to the bread of communion and onward towards the ultimate peace of, and with, the Father. I’m excited to get started!"


Study 1  "The New Creation: Seeing God’s Signature"

Study 2 "The New Creation: Crafty By Name…"

Study 3 "The New Creation: Jesus’ New Creation: Days 1-3"

Study 4 "The New Creation: Jesus’ New Creation: Days 4-6"

Study 5 "The New Creation: Boundless Creation"